Friday, May 07, 2021
Creativity Poetry

Writing: A play by play

My mind explodes.

The shrapnel etch

Scattered prayers on tea stained paper.

Pipe dreams,

Inked on sheet runways.

Passengers come and go,

Same direction with different destinations.

My notebook becomes my bible.

All I believe is the gospel of my ego.

My unanswered prayers fall before my own deaf ears.

Sprawling pages,

Collections of distorted memories.

Dancing in the rain,

With deserted lines of poetry.

The margins border a nation of my own.

Stricken by civil war,

Entrenched in selfish dictatorship.

Every scratched out sentiment, a visualized regret.

A train of thought,

Abandoned, decaying on unused railroad.

My brain, whimsically spinning,

Enamored with the myriad of reflections

Cast by the funhouse mirrors of creativity.

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