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Why You Should Make YouTube Videos (Even If Nobody Watches)

The weird benefits of making YouTube videos as a hobby.

If you have ever thought of creating YouTube videos, go do it now. There are so many reasons why you should make YouTube videos, even if nobody watches them.

I’ve been creating YouTube videos through various different channel names since I was young. One of my first uploads being a stop motion creation with my favorite Pro Wrestling Action Figures…

If more people click and subscribe to this channel than my current channel – I will switch my niche, I swear to frick.

Though, the hobby of YouTube has been mired in so much embarrassment in my head. I usually did it in secret, thinking I would be made fun of for creating them. It took a long time to drift away from this vulnerability, and it has continued to be one of my favorite hobbies.

There have been some very surprising benefits to this gig. I have gotten to watch myself grow a skill set over time and practice with clear, visual results. It has even allowed me to explore comfort in my own voice, opening the door to better conversational skills.

Why You Should Make YouTube Videos – A Hobby Unlike Any Other

Filmmakers with a big fancy camera, and why you should make youtube videos to feel that way
How I feel when I prop my phone up to record. [Photo by Lê Minh from Pexels]

Any film snob will tell you – there is no form of creativity with more rewarding outcomes than film.

From the inception of an idea, to a finished-edited-polished video is a feeling that doesn’t get matched by many other creative pursuits.

I want to be clear – I do not view my current YouTube work as ‘Film’, because they are much simpler than cinematic storytelling. However, that linear progression applies to my “single sided discussions”. I brew up a topic, write up some notes or a script, and film it. My favorite part comes after I stop recording.

After the recording is done, I get to plop in front of my computer and edit. My passion starts to come out as soon as Sony Vegas starts loading. Being a life-long tech nerd, I have always liked learning different software and video editing software is as in-depth and deep as you can get. There is always a new trick to learn.

Finding a passionate focus is the entire point of a hobby like this.

I have never been completely comfortable in front of a camera, and preferred the comfort of my Laptop screen and a hot coffee – however doing these videos on a regular basis has been helping me round the corner of comfort.

Is YouTube a Numbers Game?

Mac with Analytics
Watch the analytics, but don’t focus on them. [Photo by Serpstat from Pexels]

When you say you make YouTube videos, there is an assumption that people think you are a fool pretending to be an viral sensation with a worldwide following, making millions of dollars. However, I am keenly aware that it is not going to happen. That isn’t my focus when I make these videos.

My focus in these videos is not to amass a large following – or any following really. I’m not even focusing on earning an income. If these were my goals, I would have given up before I even started.

Instead, I get to write for a different medium – rounding out my writing skills. I get to focus on my speech and work towards breaking down vocal barriers in my anxiety.

Social anxiety has kept me silent for years, and thanks to this silly hobby I am getting clearer in speech and more connected to others in conversation.

Finally, as I mentioned before, video editing software is deeply powerful and equally complicated. I see this as a bottomless well for learning and skill building.

The Score Watches Itself

I keep making sports references, despite my zero knowledge. [Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels]


The score will take care of itself when you take care of the effort that precedes the score.

— John Wooden

When we focus our effort in the right direction, the benefits starts to gather themselves. By focusing on learning how to make better videos, naturally people will begin watching.

If we spend every moment on amassing more followers, the content is set on the back burner. At that point, it’s likely that the passion starts to fade.

Focus on making videos, and growth can happen.

Since July of 2020, I have uploaded a video every week (Almost). Each one wavered between 0 and 6 views. If I was focusing on numbers, I would have surely quit. Instead, I learned ways to make those videos better and I used each one as an anchor to learn more about my content’s theme. I’ve narrowed in on what I want to create, and the videos even got better.

My last video, as of this writing is sitting at 37 Views. YouTube even graciously tells me that is 32 more than usual, which is lovely…

Growth happens on many different levels – as long as we focus on the levels of growth we can control.

Thanks for Reading – If you have been thinking about starting a YouTube, or a TikTok, or a blog… GO START IT.

You have nothing to lose, and a lot to learn. The prime conditions for growth.


Anthony xx

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