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Why You Should Make YouTube Videos
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Why You Should Make YouTube Videos (Even If Nobody Watches)

Weird Benefits to an Even Weirder Hobby

Why You Should Make YouTube Videos, even if nobody watches. Most importantly, do it as a hobby.

If you have been thinking about starting YouTube, do it. There are benefits to this weird hobby that I never imagined.

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I used to be embarrassed about wanting to try YouTube. I’ve leaned into it more and more, and I’ve seen a huge improvement. My videos are getting better each time, my public speaking is rounding out – to the point where I am performing noticeably better in meetings.

There have been some very surprising benefits to this gig. I have gotten to watch myself grow a skill set over time and practice with clear, visual results. It has even allowed me to explore comfort in my own voice, opening the door to better conversational skills.

The “Fame” is Not Why You Should Make YouTube Videos

There is no “Fame” involved.

By focusing our effort in the right direction, the benefits starts to gather themselves. By focusing on learning how to make better videos, naturally people will begin watching.

If we spend every moment on amassing more followers, the content is set on the back burner. At that point, it’s likely that the passion starts to fade.

Focus on making videos, and growth can happen.

I revisited making YouTube videos in July of 2020. I have uploaded a video nearly every week. Each one wavered between 0 and 6 views. These statistics being my focis would have made me quit already. In lieu of that, I learned ways to make those videos better and I used each one as an anchor to learn more about my content’s theme. I’ve narrowed in on what I want to create, and the videos even got better.

Outside of odd statistics and algorithms, my public speaking has just gotten better.

At the very least, you should make YouTube videos to improve the way you gather, and convey your thoughts. It has helped make me more comfortable in conversations on Zoom and even in person. Something which my anxiety has fought hard against.

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