Friday, May 07, 2021
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“Good People Actually Exist”: What Respect Means to Me

When I take a deep look at my life, I pull it apart to inspect every inch of my existence. Throughout every corner, there is one theme that strings it all together. Respect. Respect has shaped my personality, and kept me (mostly) out of trouble. It has carried with it, three major effects on my life. It has taught me to work for my desires. To see the value of other humans. Finally, respect has carried with it, an unrivaled confidence.

Desire. Work. Obtain.

I have been a “goal setter” my entire life. What carried me though my darkest of times, was setting my next goal. As a child, I wanted to create grand stories. To do this, I worked hard on my reading, writing, and critical thinking. Spending free time reading, and learning how stories were crafted. That hard work stayed true throughout all of my education, and I strived for the best I could be the entire time.

The workhose nature followed me into the workforce. At 16, I worked myself into the ground and instilled a workaholic tune that whistles in my mind. Looking back, it is easy to regret not having more liesure time, but I am not sure where I would be today had I not been setting goals the entire way.

Good People Actually Exist

With my head down and my focus on my goals, I failed to take care of my mental health at a young age. I let my demons control my perspectives at times, and I turned inward with a boiling anger. I would simply dislike people by default, thinking they had to earn my respect first. That kind of hateful rhetoric ruined almost every friendship I had, because I was so focused on others needing to maintain my respect.

I had to alter my views so I could understand that there are actually good people everywhere. My respect is not some holy grail that needs to be granted. It should be there by default, for everybody. Respect does not require strict guidelines. Everybody deserves to be their own person, and respected for it. Treating everybody with a modicum of respect can change your own happiness. Especially if you include respecting yourself.

Building Confidence

Working so hard to obtain my desires has been a rollercoaster of confidence. Yet, now that I respect others and myself I can carry myself with true confidence.

Every day I go to my dream job. In the evening, I come home to the greatest family I could ask for. When the stars dance below the moon, and the kids are drifting to sleep, I get to pour myself into my passions and write, create, or record. I have worked to obtain all of these things, but none of it would be possible if I didn’t respect myself, and every other person.

What Respect Means to Me?

I can only speak to how respect has helped me. I say everybody deserves it, yet continually keep myself working hard to maintain it. There is a fine balance you can find. It all begins with a little love and respect.

Thanks for reading. Create something today, and spread some love.

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