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4 tips for better days - waking up early every day
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Tips for Waking Up Early Every Day (Without Feeling Terrible)

Waking up early every day is like having a super power. It can even set your day up for major success… The only problem is that waking up early every day SUCKS. How can we do it consistently without feeling terrible?

I discuss that topic, and the rules I have set for myself to accomplish this.

– Be Kind to Yourself. Habits are meant to ‘FORM’ not just start.
– Use the time for things you Enjoy… Not more chores.
– Do not add more To-Do’s to the early hours

These are the basic 4 tips for myself, but there is a little bit of nuance to these that we discuss in this video.

Easily, the toughest part of this is finding a bed time. I’ve found in my experience that going to bed on time is much harder than waking up early every day.

Let me know what tips you use, and what time is your bedtime?

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