Friday, May 07, 2021
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Untitled Love

He resides at arms length,
Breathing in the smoke from the burning heart in her chest.
He loves her with everything he has ever harnessed,
Blessing the Earth she merely steps on.

She, so tempted by the blurring lines between love and hate,
Is stuck looking to the future through the lens of the past.

He aches when the world becomes too heavy for her.
When her knees wobble, and her feet give way.
He’s blinded on the days where the sunlights feels intrusive.
Black curtains crawled from the windows in the summer.
White snow slept across the front door in the winter, undisturbed.

He stopped praying many years ago,
But late at night while she weeps into her attentive pillow,
He can be seen screaming at the sky.

“Please God.
Destroy my soul,
Decay my mind
But spare her heart.
Rip the demon’s grip from around her,
And set her free from the shackles of a faceless enemy.

Please God, let her write another page in her book of Untitled Love”

The Story Behind: “Untitled Love”

Untitled Love is a poem following the love of a man, caring so desperately for his lover who is plagued by the heavy sickness of depression. Depression is a faceless enemy that can rip our loved ones from us unfairly. Untitled Love is the protagonist doing every thing he possibly can to pull her hurt away from her. Even if it means destroying his existence by taking on her hurt.

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