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Turning over control
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Turning Over Control – The 3rd Step

The Third Step is Turning Over Control

Turning Over Control, in order to regain control.

My name is Anthony, and I am a depression addict.

I am on a 12 Step Journey diving deep into my brain’s dependence on my depressive state. The third step of this process is turning some control over to the higher power we’ve found.

The third step is where we can gain control, by letting some go. Seemingly counter-intuitive, but letting go of control allows me to tighten the control over the things I should be focused on.

In the second step, we acknowledge a higher power. This higher power gets to have some measure of control over us. Whether you believe this is God, Fate, or another force – Giving up control can set the conscious mind free.

I draw a lot from Buddhism and Stoicism in these discussions, and even relate it closely to the Serenity Prayer.

Stoicism reintroduced me to the Serenity Prayer, and the empowerment involved in turning over control.

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