Wednesday, March 03, 2021
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I’m Powerless Against My Brain – The First Step

I’m finally able to openly admit that I’m Powerless Against My Brain This is Step One of taking the 12 Steps, commonly used in addiction treatment, and applying that to my ‘Depression Addiction’. My brain is conditioned for depression. It is actively working against me to create distress. This 12 Step process is designed to […]

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Life Without Labels

Life Without Labels As humans, we intrinsically rely on history, experience and categorization. We immediately classify new information, with information we’ve received before with similarities. Underneath our active consciousness, our mind is connecting dots from our past experience, to our current experience, labeling things so that we can understand them at a glance. A wonderfully […]

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My Anxiety Auto Responder – This Bad Habit Needs To Go

Dissecting an Anxiety Defense Tactic My ‘Anxiety Auto-Responder’ My anxiety cannot be defined by one trait, one habit or one pattern. In fact, it is the combination of a multitude of defense tactics designed and deployed to fend off specific threats I have faced before. This week, I was able to dive a little deeper […]

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