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To the Parents Who Had a Bad Day

“I could have handled that differently”, “I was too strict today”, “I let my own crankiness get in the way today”. If you are a parent, you’ve probably sat up after bed time with thoughts like these. But this is a message To the Parents Who Had a Bad Day… You are not a failure of a parent. Your children still love you, and they won’t hold it against you. Children’s minds work in marvelous ways. The eyes of the innocent are a wonderful lens to look through….

Through Eyes of the Innocent

The sidewalk cascades for an eternity.
Every single crack holds a universe of life. A valley village of workers and close knit families. Loyal to their last day.

A leap of faith. Cauion thrown to the wind.
An excitable jump from sidewalk to crosswalk. Getting closer.

This giant brick building, where ALL knowledge lives.
These books, teachers and storytellers will help them become veternarians, writers, drivers, laborers, politicians, and PEOPLE they will become.

Every single corner stands a new adventure. A new opportunity. Yet with each opportunity, comes a chance for failure. 

And in a world where we treat failures as free-falls… We cannot falter in our job as their safety net.

We Cannot Be Perfect - Only Secure

In parenting, every single day can be filled with mistakes and regrets. Nobody is perfect, and parenting itself is a draining task. However, the children never waiver. No matter how many trivial mistakes you may make in your parenting, the most important thing is that they know they are safe with you.

A child who does not feel safe in their parent’s care is a breeding ground for fear and insecurity. Without a safety net below them, they lose their opportunity to focus on the universes within the sidewalk cracks. That leap of faith into the crosswalk is much scarier when they feel along in their journey.

That giant brick building will look as nothing but home to more antagonists in their story. Without a secure parent behind them, they will look within to build character, rejecting the guidance of authority.

Do not sit awake at night reprimanding yourself for potentially mishandling situations, losing your patience, or saying the wrong thing. The most important thing is that the child knows they have that safety net, and the freedom to explore this world and grow into their own shape.

If you are a parent in doubt of your own abilities, just know this… If they are safe, if they are loved, and if they trust you, then the foundation for an amazing person is there. And if there were mistakes today, tomorrow is a new chance to express even more love and learning.

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