Thursday, April 15, 2021
Perfectionism shown by clear glass jar filled of coloring pens beside of white sketch pad

The War on Perfectionism

The War on Perfectionism – A metaphorical brigade trapped within the confines of my empty Google Document

Excellence vs Perfection

How enlisting excellence has propelled my creative work, in spite of my perfectionist attitude… Wrapped up in an odd metaphor that I was strangely attached to. 

I have been at war with perfectionism for most of my life. In recent years, I finally found it within my cross-hairs, and meticulously lined up my shot to remove its threat from my life.

Unfortunately, perfectionism is a much better marksman than I – who’d expect that.

Perfectionism continues to fire wild shots over my head, keeping me stuck in my old trenches digging the same holes – knowing that if I poke my head too high, it will take it off as collateral. Unable to advance my front line to the next blank document, due to perfectionism’s pot shots towards my performance.

That was until I enlisted a new recruit to my battalion… Excellence.

Enter Excellence

Excellence is a multi-faceted soldier in this war on perfectionism. Providing cover, keeping the adversary at bay enough for me to collect my thoughts, and even take slow steps forward.

Better yet, Excellence blends in behind enemy lines. Fitting the physical description of perfectionism, but without the chip on it’s shoulder and bad attitude. Excellence can gather intel, and bring me closer to perfect than I could ever get in head on warfare.

When fighting alongside perfection, there is too much strategizing and inner politics getting in the way of staying focused. Bickering platoons, unknowingly getting flanked on either side.


This war on Perfectionism may never end in a peaceful ceasefire. It may be a collision of hell and glory until there is no ground left to fight on. A cyclical launching of revisions, until the original ground work is rubble and memorials.

Though for the first time in my life, I can march towards the front lines and not shiver underneath each metronome-timed step. I can stand in line with my projects and ideas, without shuddering at the first shell shock change that needs to be made to my posture.

The only difference is now I know which side I am fighting for...

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