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The Self Improvement Trap | How It Can Hurt Our Growth

Self Improvement Can Get Us On Track (If We Do It Right)

Content focused on self-improvement, or personal growth has been life changing for me. After stumbling across productivity superheros like Thomas Frank, Ali Abdaal, and Tim Ferriss – I was off onto my own journey.

However, if we are not careful with how we proceed, this journey of self-growth can end up being pointless.

We can easily end up spinning our wheels and making no progression, causing us to dig deeper into our despair and self pity. Or worse, we can end up in a cycle of toxic positivity that does more harm than good on our lives.

So the question begs, How Can We Achieve Personal Growth, Without Falling Off Track?

Self Improvement results on Youtube
You Can Learn how to improve forever.. But how do you do it?

What Is Self Improvement?

First, we should cover what self-development actually is. I define Self Improvement as a mind state where your primary focus is getting to a better position in life. We turn to these personal growth tactics because we are craving change in our lives.

Whether that change is a new job, new relationship, or simply to build self esteem – the same pattern rings true, we need to change something. When we start seeking out how to make these changes, we need to analyze how we implement them into our lives.

Personal Growth Philosophies

We may start with simple tips and habits to get things off the ground. This can quickly lead into some very big philosophies. We may feel pulled towards Minimalism, Stoicism, Buddhism, Taoism, or Racism… Wait, not that last one.

All of these ‘ism’s can be exponentially helpful (Minus that problematic one at the end). I draw on them every single day as I follow my own journey. At the beginning, however, I was ready to plunge myself into them and uproot everything.

  • Minimalism is what helped me finally get my mindset to shift into thinking mindfully, and purposefully.
  • Stoicism and Taoism helped me learn to only focus on what I can control.
  • Buddhism helped refine my meditation practice to be able to call on “joy” manually.

These tools, methods and philosophies have changed my life forever. But I did not need to devote myself to ONE of them. I can cherry pick the lessons that resonate with me, and analyze how I can apply them to my life.

Improve Your Self With Practical Application

Matt D'avella Minimalist Clothing
His wardrobe works for him, but I prefer to be fabulous.

While I was exploring minimalism, my interest was peaked in how they treat clothing. People like Matt D’avella have a limited clothing selection, and that helps them stave off decision fatigue. Without the distraction of choosing what to wear, the mind is left open for more prioritized decision making.

For me, however, I wouldn’t want to go that far. In the last couple of years, as I dive deeper into my self and my identity, I’ve identified myself as “Non-Binary”. Embracing that has opened my eyes to a world of opportunity when it comes to style. I’ve been exploring with my clothing, and it’s been helping me with expression and self esteem.

I’ve discarded the clothes that don’t make me feel good, and I’m left with a closet full of variety that I am comfortable with. Without going to the extreme.

Continue to Improve Yourself. Find what works, find what doesn’t. “Self” Development, can’t always be the same as “Their” development.



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