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What is holding you back in life?
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The Biggest Thing Holding You Back In Life – The Fourth Step

The biggest thing holding you back in life is resentments. Years of built up anger and resentments weigh us down and hold us back. Step 4 is about taking a Personal Inventory, and coming face to face with our own pitfalls.

In this Video – Step 4 – we’ll be talking about taking a “Personal Inventory”. What that means, how it helps, and how to actually do it without getting overwhelmed and negative.

We can’t know how to move ahead, without knowing what is holding us back.

By going through this process I get to come face to face with that resentment, and the years of quiet rage. Just to find that it may be completely unfounded.

That’s why we step back and take a fully honest and deep look at ourselves. It is a difficult process. Daunting, nerve racking, and at times a little soul crushing… To list out things that make you angry, disappointed, or afraid can be painful.

I’ve been working on this process for a while – admittedly procrastinating this step because it was too tough a pill to swallow.

I’ve started using a chart I found – I think from one of the AA texts, or maybe just from a Pinterest board, I’m not sure. But it gives a small column to list the base resentment. (The Person, place, idea or institution), with a larger column for “The Cause”. A third column to house the affects. A checkmark for if it affects my “Self Esteem, Pride, Emotional Security, Pocketbook, Ambitions, Personal Relations, Sexual Relations”… The final column is for My Role in the resentment. A checkmark placed if I am dishonest, selfish, self-seeking, frightened, or inconsiderate… With a larger spot to expand on the nature of my wrongs.

See other steps in the 12 Step series.

[Extra Video footage by Taryn Elliott from Pexels]
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