Tuesday, March 02, 2021
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Why You Should Make YouTube Videos (Even If Nobody Watches)

The weird benefits of making YouTube videos as a hobby. If you have ever thought of creating YouTube videos, go do it now. There are so many reasons why you should make YouTube videos, even if nobody watches them. I’ve been creating YouTube videos through various different channel names since I was young. One of […]

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Tips for Waking Up Early Every Day (Without Feeling Terrible)

Waking up early every day is like having a super power. It can even set your day up for major success… The only problem is that waking up early every day SUCKS. How can we do it consistently without feeling terrible? I discuss that topic, and the rules I have set for myself to accomplish […]

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Managing Money and Anxiety Together… Is It Even Possible?

Managing money and anxiety are two difficult tasks – made even more difficult when combined. We start out balancing books, and end up needing to balance our brain. How can we responsibly manage our personal finances, without the crippling anxiety that can come with it? Balancing the money side of things is sometimes easier than […]

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I Listened to Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist for a Week. Did They Successfully Mix Podcasts and Music?

Spotify, the music streaming behemoth, have been working on extending their reach and securing their members into the eco-system forever. Branching into Podcasts, and making the experience more personalized for each user.

now they have a new personalized playlist to put the best of all of these things into one place…

The Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist.

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Does Taking Selfies Help Confidence? Or Make It Worse?

Do Instagram Selfies Help My Confidence? Selfies are an intricate art, and there are levels to the game that I will never understand. Down here at my level, I have to ask – Does taking selfies regularly help my confidence? Or am I doing more damage? I’ve been self-conscious as long as I can remember. […]

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