Wednesday, March 03, 2021
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I Listened to Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist for a Week. Did They Successfully Mix Podcasts and Music?

Spotify, the music streaming behemoth, have been working on extending their reach and securing their members into the eco-system forever. Branching into Podcasts, and making the experience more personalized for each user.

now they have a new personalized playlist to put the best of all of these things into one place…

The Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist.

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Does Taking Selfies Help Confidence? Or Make It Worse?

Do Instagram Selfies Help My Confidence? Selfies are an intricate art, and there are levels to the game that I will never understand. Down here at my level, I have to ask – Does taking selfies regularly help my confidence? Or am I doing more damage? I’ve been self-conscious as long as I can remember. […]

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Podcast The Better Me Project

The Power of Reflection | The Better Me Project – Episode 9

The Better Me Project #9 The Power of Reflection -My daughter turned one year old recently. The amount of reflection that comes with that is almost overwhelming.Today I reflect over the past year, and talk about how I implement reflection in my daily life. presents “The Better Me Project”. Where I dive deep into […]

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