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I Listened to Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist for a Week. Did They Successfully Mix Podcasts and Music?

Did Spotify’s Daily Wellness lead me through a healthy week?

I spend a lot of time reading and listening to things in the ‘mindfulness’ realm. Calming music, meditations, neuroscience studies, Buddhist teachings, stoic philosophy – you know, the typical things to outweigh the happenings of 2020…

I’m not the only one who devours this type of content, as it has turned into a major business market. Companies everywhere are putting out their ‘mindfulness’ tools, courses and Podcasts.

Apps like Calm and Headspace quickly rose to the top in apps that provide thoughtful and thorough meditations. The podcasting world caught on to this, and there are many of them on the go as well.

Spotify, the music streaming behemoth, have been working on extending their reach and securing their members into the eco-system forever. Branching into Podcasts, and making the experience more personalized for each user.

now they have a new personalized playlist to put the best of all of these things into one place…

The Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist.

Spotify's announcement for Daily Wellness

Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist is a dynamically curated list of music, and Podcasts grouped together to help start and end your day on a mindful note.

The music is gentle, indie pop and folk for the most part (in mine, let me know if you get different results). I listen to a lot of contrasting music – much of which, would not be a good fit for a ‘Wellness’ playlist.

The Podcasts seem to be daily releases of a small group of Podcasts. The most notable being “The Daily Shine” starting the playlist every day.

The Daily Shine

Sunflower growing in the sun
Soaking in the Daily Shine

Every morning, the Daily Wellness playlist gets kicked off with the Daily Shine Podcast. (Except Thursday, when I was up too early and it was still showing Wednesday’s episode.)

This show is lovely, calming and has some fantastic insight. Though I do have one issue with it…

Half of the 14 minute show is advertising their full subscription based App. Which would be fine in any other setting, but I feel like it is inappropriate on an exclusive Spotify playlist. I am already paying monthly for Spotify, and would almost prefer an in-house podcast in this slot void of advertisements.

I wake up at 5am for Meditation and Gratification practices, and don’t need to be sold another monthly subscription during that time.

Did Spotify’s Daily Wellness Work as Advertised?

I mentioned before that there was one day I was up too early, and the feed for the first Podcast wasn’t yet updated. It was 5am, so I let that one slide.

On the opposite side of that coin, there were a couple of days where I did not wake up earlier enough to give it a go before work. This meant I didn’t load up the Daily Wellness Playlist until I was at work, and at my desk.

The desktop version of Spotify has some… quirks to say the least. Some songs come up as unplayable, and finding and listening to podcasts can be clunky at times. The Daily Wellness Playlist is not immune to these issues.

Several songs throughout the playlist were greyed out, and had to be manually skipped (Whenever I notice things went silent). The Podcasts didn’t always play properly on the desktop version, and some of them were just skipped.

Though there were issues, I like where this is going.

There is a bright future ahead of the wellness industry and Spotify’s platform. It will continue to grow, and I expect Spotify to double down on the growth and popularity. After a few improvements, of course.

What Could Be Improved?

The Opening Slot

Right away, I would move a different Podcast into the Daily Shine slot. I enjoy the Daily Shine, and wouldn’t mind the push towards their app – if it came later in my Wellness Playlist. The first thing up should be straight wellness/mindfulness. Light, bright and poppy is the right mood, and there are many good options to fill that slot.


There are several interludes sprinkled in to remind you to take breaks, and bring your focus back momentarily. These interludes serve a great purpose, but sometimes feel incredibly out of place. These interludes could be a great place to put in a moment for focused breathing. It only needs to be around 45 seconds. Long enough for a solid 3 or 4 guided breaths.

This is a Good Start

I love having more mindful content to take in, and welcome a larger audience. It is indeed abused in consumer markets, but for now I’ll accept some extra positive vibe podcasts and good music.

I’ll keep trying it, but the trend may continue where I switch to something else after an hour…

Thanks for Reading.

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