Friday, May 07, 2021
How Social Media's effect on creativity is changing things
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Social Media’s Effect on Creativity

Social Media’s Effect on Creativity



Today, I wanted to look specifically at how Social Media’s effect on ‘Creativity.’ After all, if you are a creative person – putting your stuff out there on Twitter or across Subreddits should be a huge benefit, right? – Well wrong. Very wrong in some cases…

Social Media, and it’s effects on our psyche and well-being are well documented. You can read for hours and hours about how Social Media is making us depressed, uninspired, and stressed out…

Yes – Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Google+ (RIP) can be great platforms to get more eyes on your creation – when used correctly. If we’re not using it right, we are simply spreading our work to nobody – and if anyone does see it, they are likely to critique… This isn’t because the work is bad [Okay, maybe some times the work is just bad…] but this is because we are not defining or Refining an audience.

I can easily hop from subreddit to subreddit all day long, asking for people to watch my videos and dumping my link – but that’s not going to help anybody… At best, I get one person who watches a few minutes and says good work… Great. 1 Extra View.

At worst, and this is usually how it works out, you get a sporadic number of views – most of them dropping out within the first 10 seconds because they never intended to watch this video anyways. This tells Youtube’s almighty algorithm that your video is terrible, and people don’t make it past those 10 seconds… Therefore YouTube will not promote your videos to anybody else… And into the dark shadows it goes…

I’ve chosen instead to focus more on creation than promotion — for now. This period I am in now is to nail down my process. Sure, I’ve gotten 1 view on each episode of my Podcast – but that’s not the metric to follow. The metric I need to follow is that I have 10 Episodes at the time this is recorded, and over that time I’ve gotten better and better at editing, at speaking, at writing notes before hand. I’ve learned how to even put a podcast on Apple Podcasts – and now I’m on Amazon, and Audible, and Google Podcasts. It’s been a fun refining period… Now that I am comfortable creating, I get to shift into promotion slightly more.

I’m making shorter, digestible content like this on Youtube, with my full podcasts being uploaded as unlisted [Available for Patrons] – I’m working with the Youtube algorithm to make content that is made for the platform… But I am not letting the algorithm dictate what I am creating.

I don’t want to chase empty analytics. I want to chase artistic fulfillment.

Continue creating what you want to create, and analyze how it performs of course… But do not move to a different market because of it necessarily. If you are a car salesmen, you can’t change your business because you see the bagel shop lined up out the door…. Because one sale of your car can do more for you than a hundred bagels can do for them…

Social Media is capable of inspiring us to continue creating, but it can also take away our sense of creativity. Remember to stay mindful about the social circles you create and partake in. And of course, don’t get sucked into an infinite timeline scroll — Every time you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling, as yourself what creation would I make to respond to what I am seeing.


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