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The 3 Bucket Rule to lead life
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Prioritize Your Life With One Rule | The 3 Bucket Rule

The 3 Bucket Rule

I created the 3 Bucket Rule to prioritize my life, and stop wasting time day to day.

Using the ‘3 Bucket Rule’, I taught myself how to prioritize my life and strip away distracting thoughts clogging up my to-dos.

By zooming out on my life, I was able to see how much of my time I was wasting on things that did not matter in a bigger context.

I decided to split my priorities into 3 Buckets.

  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Nature

If it doesn’t immediately fall into one of those 3 Buckets, it is likely a waste of time to be thinking about more than momentarily.

Shortly after creating this new mindset within myself, I started reading more about Stoicism.

A big part of Stoicism is only focusing on what you can control, and not dwelling on things out of your hands.

These two mindsets work together very well, and have propelled me to the most productive point in my life.

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