Friday, May 07, 2021
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Paranoia, Witchcraft and the Fox in My Heart

A Series of Words that Scare Me


 Today I stood on the shore, and screamed at the Waves. 
“I can SWIM.” I screamed. 

The waves crashed and I didn’t waver. 
“I can SWIM.” I responded to the groaning waves.

The wind controlled my hair, the sand swallowed the bottom half of my foot. 
“I can SWIM.” The sea was listening. 

This evening, I look back on the bold movements of today.
Today, I swam – Without leaving the shore.

A Piece of the Universe

It’s not a star, but it is a beacon reaching for the Moon. 
Carrying the weight of a swarm of unanswered calls. 
Doesn’t fit into a puzzle, but the anxiety of a missing piece erodes functionality.

It was tangible, yet ceased to exist. 
Palpable and malleable, but invisible.
In the palm of their hand, sat an atom shrouded in opacity. 
Yet in their mind, it was a connection. 

A connection to the unreachable. 
The link that connected it all.
The puzzle piece, separated from the quiet study.

A Piece of the Universe in their hand.
Answers storm the piers, as rising seas of questions erode personality.
At the center of it all, a captain-less ship atop the tangible waves.


Scurry, rush, scavenge, hide.
Daily tasks, time slides by.

Wonder, Hunger, Fright and Bite.
These feelings patrol the valley of my heart.
Wondering what lays among the grass.

Following their hunger.

Escape route etched in the back of my hand, 
Trembling with fright.
Protruding from their engulfed fear, 

A bloody tooth.

These foxes scurry in my heart.
These emotions rush to safety. 
These memories scavenge the weak.
These foxes, cannot put me in hiding. I will not become prey.

Daily tasks… Keep the foxes at bay.

Original Poetry by Anthony McGuigan
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