How to Find Your Niche

Don’t try to decide on a niche. Instead try to find your niche

If you want to find your niche, stop trying to decide what your niche is. Instead, dig in further to your own creativity and understand it better.

Love Letters to Creativity

Every new project is a love letter to creativity.

Whether you are making YouTube videos, writing blog posts, painting portraits, or designing logos – your work is a romantic celebration of your unique creativity.

But sometimes we get caught up in trying new ideas that we get lost in it all. We try so many ideas that we lose our grip on the purpose that started it all.

We fall out of the honey-moon phase of our creativity and live life alongside it, but not celebrating it anymore.

Rekindling the Spark

Before deciding your next direction, take inventory over the projects you’ve already tried.

There is through-line to all of your creative work,even if they feel dis-jointed. What you love about your creativity is in there if you look for the commonalities.

Once you find it, it’s up to you to write those love letters that celebrate it.

Finding My Through-Line

I’ve always been makin’ stuff. I’ve had a lot of ideas in many different “niches”. I’ve targeted gaming, tech, world news, mindfulness, poetry, parenting, and even pro wrestling.

Over this past year I found what the through-line to it all was. Every project was celebrating passionate creative people in some way.

Now I can lean on that through-line, and keep writing my “love letters” – by working on projects that really mean something to passionate creative people and helps create more of them.


How to Find Your Niche: Find Your Through-Line

You have to find your niche before you try defining your niche.

It’s cliche at this point, but to truly find your through-line you have to just start making stuff. Find a topic that interests you and post about it. Don’t worry about “niching down” so much that you make nothing.

Even if the project dies out, the experience is worth it. You’ll learn something about yourself and your creativity in the process.

As you go through these projects, you’ll drop some – you’ll start too many – you’ll find some you love – you’ll doubt yourself.

Track these ebbs and flows with regular “brain dumps” in a journal, and taking time to reflect will make this easier.

Take your time, don’t rush to monetization, and think of your content as art. Keep writing love letters to creativity.

This essay was first shared in the “Creator’s Notes” Newsletter.

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