Friday, May 07, 2021
InTakeCreate Newsletter

InTakeCreate Newsletter

The IntakeCreate Newsletter is a Monthly dump of things I am working on, or things that inspire me.

My goal is to build a community of creatives who use their creativity to build better lives for themselves and those around them.

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Early in my life, I knew that creativity – writing especially – was going to be important to me. It wasn’t until I lost my creativity that I truly understood its power.

I allowed creativity to be pulled away from me, and deemed as unimportant and self-indulgent. It was a difficult road back, but I have since reclaimed creativity in my life and I will never let it go.

The InTakeCreate Newsletter is an opportunity to channel that creative energy to others. Sharing what turns my creative engines, and what greases my writing hinges is in itself an inspiring act. By forcing myself to share and indulge in my inspirations, I get to learn even more about them. I get to inspect what inspires me, and how I can equip that strategically in my life.

The InTakeCreate Newsletter will act as a discussion circle for the things we take in, and the things we create. Each post we scroll past, or article we read influences us. It’s time to take control of how those things influence us, and add our own influence into the world.

Find us on Twitter, and let us know how you use Creativity to Live a Better Life!

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