Thursday, April 15, 2021
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How Can I Manage Finances When I Have Anxiety?

Managing Finances When You Have Anxiety – Tips to Stop Getting Overwhelmed These are the tips I use to manage finances when I have anxiety. (Which happens to be always.) So having anxiety makes managing finances even harder. It’s hard to think of numbers when you’re always stressed. And it’s hard not to be stressed […]

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Managing Money and Anxiety Together… Is It Even Possible?

Managing money and anxiety are two difficult tasks – made even more difficult when combined. We start out balancing books, and end up needing to balance our brain. How can we responsibly manage our personal finances, without the crippling anxiety that can come with it? Balancing the money side of things is sometimes easier than […]

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I Listened to Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist for a Week. Did They Successfully Mix Podcasts and Music?

Spotify, the music streaming behemoth, have been working on extending their reach and securing their members into the eco-system forever. Branching into Podcasts, and making the experience more personalized for each user.

now they have a new personalized playlist to put the best of all of these things into one place…

The Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist.

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