Friday, May 07, 2021


My lips, granted life.

Free from discord,

Replaced with jubilant youth. 

My eyes, shut tight.

Filled with vivid imagery, 

Of lands never contested,  

River’s never dried.  

My ears, shrouded in the sound of your breath.  

In your breathing, I hear the call 

Of the ocean, dancing with the shore.  

I hear the tune of a hopeful bird,

Singing a tragic song.  

But I’m just a tragic bird,

Flying on waves of a hopeful song. 

For a mind drowning in sorrow,  

Your kiss is a lifeguard,

keeping my thoughts afloat.  

For a soul encumbered with the weight of regret,  

Your caress facilitates my recovery.  

In a world of deception and corruption,  

You are an honest answer in a timely manner.  

I harbor a million unsolved mysteries,  

Washing ashore, eroding my conscience.  

I expel a million unanswered prayers.  

Falling into the abyss of apology,

Joining the mounting hurt of every faithful bedside whisper.  

These are things that burn my body to the core, 

Burn the carpet beneath my feet. 

All it takes to extinguish the destructive flame,  

Is your gentle kiss. 

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