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Photo of InTakeCreate writer, Anthony. With the words "Your content is great. Let's take it farther: Ghostwriting, content repurposing, and social media management.

Your Content is Great. Let's Make a Lot More of It...

You keep creating, I’ll help it go farther.

I partner with content creators who are going deep with long form content, helping create the short form, written, and social media content that helps it go farther and hit harder.

So creators can keep creating, without losing hours of their time and their passion to re-cutting edits, pulling quotes, creating clips.

3 Primary Services...


Send me your best work, and I’ll dive deep into how you think and write. Then I’ll prompt you with a few open questions about your goals, experience, and opinions. I’ll use that to help ghostwrite:

  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Posts
  • E-books/Books

Content Repurposing

Send me your best work, and I’ll pull the best parts and repackage them. Some of your greatest hits are hidden, and your best work has a longer shelf life than we expect.

Creating Tweets, LinkedIn Posts, Twitter threads, blog posts, and more out of your past blogs, videos, podcasts…

Social Media Management

Let me in on your brand vision, direction and together we can create a strong social media pillar for your brand designed to grow over time.

Creating and scheduling content, growing and engaging your community, and ensuring your online presence is leaving the impression you want from your brand.

My goal is to be the secret weapon in the tool belt of prolific creators making meaningful work.

Send me a message today, and we’ll see how I can help your creative process.

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