Friday, May 07, 2021
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Inspiration as a Focus – An Evolution for InTakeCreate

It’s time for some changes around here. I care so much about writing that I let my own inspiration force my drive away. I want to keep my writing focused, and stay inspired. The happier I am with my writing output, the better person I become all around. Whether that is a toxic trait, well we can discuss another time.

My passion project / experimentation subject / creative outlet / unorganized mess is coming up to a new evolution in its history. has been many things for me since I started it. From a personal journal, to a mental health recovery journey, to a Professional Wrestling review site… My many passions collided in this one outlet, and exploded into a smorgasbord of things nobody really cared about… With a few nuggets sprinkled in that people really liked. Now I find myself at a time where I really want to lock in, and spread more of those lovely nuggets around. It is time for a transition period for InTake Create.

I have never used the word ‘smorgasbord’ in my writing until now. So this transition period is already a success.

Blog TypewriterMy releases on are going to essentially be split into two categories. My main ‘Writing’ projects that I am happy with. These could be Poems, Short Stories, Reflections, or a Poetry Collection. Parallel to that content, I will be releasing more ‘off the cuff’ pieces in my “Blog” section. This is where you can keep up with my crazy life, and wacky family. As well, I want to start blogging about my actual writing processes. Inspiration as a topic is so interesting in and of itself, and I like to shine some light on where my written works come from in my mind, soul and heart. 

I don’t have a set schedule in mind (yet), other than just simply, More. 

Finding Inspiration in Past Work

Allowed to hateWhile my gears start turning, and I cover up some of the rust on the 2001 Pontiac Sunfire that is my writer’s mind, I’ll be re-sharing some of my favourite works. I’ve shared some passages here that have really stuck with me, and it will be fun for me to revisit them. A big inspiration of mine, Andy J Pizza will always recommend on his podcast to revisit old works to spark some new ideas. 

The First piece I’m going to highlight is actually my most recent one… “Falling Apart and Starting Over… The Twisted Love Story of Fate and Grief.” – in this piece I let words pour from a heart full of emotions, and they fell orderly into a beautiful tribute to my Father.

Losing him hurt, and hurt me deep. When I talk about inspirations – He is it. My first, my biggest and my last inspiration. He taught me exactly what I strive for, and he knew the value of using your time in this world to make it a better place. This loss will change me forever, and I will always strive to be better than the day before, as he would want. This was where the refresh for me really started.

” I don’t know all of my beliefs about fate. I don’t know how my brain processes grief. Yet they are always intertwined. They twist, pull and shift in a constant battle, evening out the battlefield I cross. I find myself at a brand new starting point. A new beginning, with the same family. A family made stronger, as we have all adopted pieces of my Father’s soul.”

Stay Tuned. 

Inspiration can easily be taken for granted. Not this time.

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