Friday, May 07, 2021
I'm a depression addict
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I’m Powerless Against My Brain – The First Step

I’m finally able to openly admit that I’m Powerless Against My Brain

This is Step One of taking the 12 Steps, commonly used in addiction treatment, and applying that to my ‘Depression Addiction’.

My brain is conditioned for depression. It is actively working against me to create distress. This 12 Step process is designed to go deeper than my brain, and addictive thoughts.


Admitting powerlessness is scary, but important. I can’t remain in this state, and expect to live a better life. I need to accept help, and make serious changes in my life to live through this.

As with regular addiction, I’m aware that this ‘sobriety’ will be a lifelong process.

I plan for my sobriety to be found within mindfulness and mental clarity.


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About Anthony McGuigan

I created InTakeCreate as a place to express myself. It has grown into an exploration of Life, Creativity and Health.

I am a loving Father to 3 beautiful children (With One More on the Way!). A husband to my wife, and an advocate learning to be vocal about my passions.


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