Friday, May 07, 2021

I’m Having A Baby

December 26th, 2018. The day my life changed forever, in the best way imaginable. Surrounded by family, impatiently waiting for my Mother’s outstanding, over the top Boxing Day dinner. My wife called me to the bathroom, and when I get there, I see a smile on her face that I will never forget. In her trembling hand, a pregnancy test laid still with two very special lines on it.

“We’re having a baby.” exclaimed each of us, approximately 1000 times in that hushed, overjoyous conversation. Excitement was bursting from us as we rejoined the family for dinner. I think we spent most of dinner staring at each other. As we formed a line to parade through the kitchen gathering additions to our plate, I leaned into my wife and whispered “Remember, you’re eating for two”.

As soon as dinner was over, we joined my mother in the basement for a cigarrette and started the conversation.
“Well, we’ve got one more Christmas present…” I said with unwarranted worry.
“I’m Pregnant” My wife finished. Before she could even get the words out of her mouth, my mother was up out of her chair, screaming and wrapped her arms around my bright red love.

The rest of the family, of course having been able to hear the entire conversation through the vents were upstairs pretending not to hear. When we returned, all giddy and out of breath, everybody sat as statues waiting for me to say something.

“So there’s one more present for everybody” I started again,

My sister was already in tears at this point.

“We are havin’ a baby.” My wife once again got to spread the news.

Waterworks all around, the noise level went up several decimals, and I faded out. I took a step back, took in the world with brighter colours than ever before. Took in the smiles, the joyous exclamations from each member of the family. The awkward look on the face of my sister’s boyfriend who I had met for the first time roughly 2 hours earlier.

There were colours in the world that I had never seen before. Sounds I had never been able to hear. A weightlessness to my shoulders that I had never felt before.

For the first time in my life, my existence was more than surviving mental health. I always argue that the way you achieve peace within yourself, and your world, is to simply never stop creating things. Well, this is my greatest creation, and it brought peace to my world I never thought I would have. I am having a baby, and I cannot wait.

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