How to Handle Creative Setbacks in 2022

2021 Taught Me How to Handle Creative Setbacks, by force.

In 2021, I was looking for ways to experiment more with creating content online. While tinkering with my personal blog, I decided to move hosting services.

Like a big silly dummy, I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing and was just curious about the hosting services. I didn’t back anything up, and lost 3 years of content documenting life and publishing original poetry.

All because I couldn’t help but tinker.

A Forced Opportunity to Start Over

After working so hard to reclaim creativity in my life, I should have been devastated by losing all of that content. Instead, I felt an odd excitement at the forced opportunity to start over.

I approached with a fresh perspective. I moved away from documenting my personal life, to writing about topics that I was learning about. Productivity, personal development, creativity, and lifestyle design.

I started experimenting with different forms of content:

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • YouTube
  • Twitter Threads
  • Email Newsletter
  • Even a Few TikToks

These experiments allowed me to learn that newsletter and Twitter were my favourite ones to work on, and had the greatest reward.

A Clean Slate and a Clear Vision

Now I get to enter 2022 with a clean slate, and a clear vision. I know what content I want to create, and what topics I want to cover. I may still dabble, and tinker in other areas – but my north stars will remain Twitter and Newsletter.

My goal is to enter 2022 with the same attitude I had after losing 3 years of content. To handle creative setbacks – and setbacks in general – as an exciting opportunity to try something different.

What creative setbacks did you face in 2021? And how will they influencing your work in 2022? Let me know on Twitter

This essay was first shared in the “Creator’s Notes” Newsletter.

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