How to Create Consistent Content

If you want to be a content creator, figuring out how to create consistent content is the first major hurdle to overcome.

The secret to consistency is that it is unique for everyone, and many new creators misunderstand it. Here’s some advice for creators who want to be consistent and reach new heights.

What Does Consistency Mean?

There is TONS of advice out there for new creators. One you’ve heard repeated over and over is to be consistent. You have to learn how to create consistent content if you want it to reach an audience and break through the algorithms.

It’s good advice, but new creators often lack the ability to conceptualize it properly.

Misunderstanding what consistency means is the very thing that knocks so many creators off course before they find their footing.

Being consistent is really step 2… Step 1 should be defining what consistency means to you.

Defining Consistency

Creative consistency for a writer just starting out is going to look different from a writer who’s 2 years into a successful newsletter or one a couple books in.

Creating consistent content is going to look different from creator to creator, so don’t bother trying to copy & paste someone else’s idea of consistency into your creative routine.

Define how consistency fits into your life by trial and error.

Set a goal for creative output, and see if you can hit it. Then do it again while altering the process in order to keep it possible, sustainable, and joyful.

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Optimize for Joy

If you already have a busy life, it can get stressful trying to maintain a creative habit.

We end up feeling guilty for doing it and not attending to the next to-do list item, or guilty for not doing it and feeling like we’ll just lose our creativity entirely.

My solution to this viscous cycle so far, has been to optimize my creative work for joy.

I’ve tried a lot of projects in the last 3 years. After spreading myself too thin, I’ve been cutting things down to the projects bringing me joy in creative fulfillment or even just getting to learn a lot.

The motto that has been helping me re-frame a lot of things has been to optimize for joy.

That’s my best advice to accompany “be consistent”.

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