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How Can I Manage Finances When I Have Anxiety
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How Can I Manage Finances When I Have Anxiety?

Managing Finances When You Have Anxiety – Tips to Stop Getting Overwhelmed

These are the tips I use to manage finances when I have anxiety. (Which happens to be always.)

So having anxiety makes managing finances even harder. It’s hard to think of numbers when you’re always stressed. And it’s hard not to be stressed when you’re constantly counting numbers.

How are we supposed to do this without it all falling apart?

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The gist of this video is a few tips on how I manage finances when I have anxiety. These tips are:
– Make a Budget (in some form)
– Determine Your Financial Priorities
– Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Money

When we start talking about money (Or really talking about anything and letting Anxiety guide the thinking) It is easy to fall into DOOM & GLOOM. One plan doesn’t work, and suddenly I am shopping for cardboard boxes.

I have to recognize that this is a tough process, and that by allowing headspace and critical thinking I am already improving the situation.

If you don’t like the word ‘budget’ – think of it like a cheat sheet. You have a lot of financial decisions to make in the run of a month… Use this cheat sheet to take the pressure off the decision making.

Bigger bank accounts is not the end goal. There is no goal there… The ‘end goal’ of personal finance is Stability, Security and Synchronicity with our Lifestyle.

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