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Being a step-father to these two is the best part of my life
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How Being a Step-Father Has Changed Me

Becoming a Step-Father to two incredible kids has changed every aspect of my life, and it has been an absolutely incredible journey. Roughly two years ago, I was a Computer Science student, flirting with the idea of dropping out of College. My mental health had come to a breaking point. My confidence had wilted away, and I really had no direction planned for my future. All I wanted was to move away and start fresh.

In steps the beautiful soul that is now my Wife, Amber. You can read plenty about how she helped change me, but she also came with two other bundles of life changing love, Serena and Logan.

The First Meeting

Like true Canadians, my first time meeting the kids was at a Tim Hortons. I still remember seeing all 5 feet of Amber trying to get a bulky stroller, as well as an ever curious little girl inside the crowded coffee shop. Amber set up shop at the table I was at, and went to order. Suddenly, I found myself alone at the table with Serena across from me, studying my every expression and Logan in the stroller desperately awaiting his next snack.

I struggled to find what to talk about, but Serena quickly took care of that for me. 

“What’s your favourite?” She asked with a well used plastic baggie of crayons above her head.

“Oh, it has to be purple.” The obvious answer.

I swear, the most magical smile I have ever seen in my life spread across her face and she exclaimed that it was the same favourite color as her mom. I had never felt so accepted in my life by another human. This was the beginning of something beautiful.

Something to Fight For

As mentioned before, and touched upon in my other articles, I was a real mess before Amber and her children entered my life. I was sat dormant on a proverbial see-saw, just waiting for something exciting enough to weigh down the other end, and send me into the sky. I was ready to call it quits on College, spent every night ripping pages out of a journal, encumbered with the restrictions of writer’s block.

Just as I was ready to close my overpriced textbooks for good, our relationship soared to unexplored heights. Moving quickly, we mutually decided that this bond could be the healthiest, natural decision we could make. Suddenly, I was instilled with this brand new pride. I wasn’t just studying for my own sake anymore. I wasn’t in college just because that was what was expected of me. No, now I was in college so that someday I could provide the life this new family deserves. I was also setting a precedent of determination. This young girl, nervous to start kindergarten, was now watching me work my butt off at school.

Thanks to this new motivation, sleepless nights, and plenty of sacrifices, I was able to complete my course. Every single sleepless night was soon justified as I was offered a dream job at a great company. Now, with great pride, I walk into work every day and lead my family towards our next grand adventure.

My writer’s block was also thwarted by this motivation, and now daily I find myself inspired to create something.

The Greatest Bond on Earth

 Every member of this family has been through their share of heartache and headache. When the four of us became a union, it sparked the most remarkable healing process. Our feed were guided back to the real world. The world that was built on passion, love and creativity. Not a world of resentment and regret. We still deal with many stressors on a daily basis, but this foundational footing has given us the balance to process it all, and stand tall in the face of adversity.

Two weeks ago, Serena drew me a picture. It had an “A” and a “D” at the bottom. I asked her what they stood for, and with her trademark grin she said,

“A for Anthony, D for Dad”

My heart pretty much exploded through my chest, only held in by the tight hug I had her wrapped in. Referring to me as “Dad” was never something we expected from them, as their Father is still an active role in their life. Yet Serena has put the pieces together and has come to the determination that I am her “2nd Favourite Dad”. And simply put… Nothing makes me feel better.

Thanks for reading, spread some love today.


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