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In the first episode of the InTakeCreate Podcast, I discuss the power of just hitting record, and hitting publish.

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Talking about getting over the fear of recording, and the embarrassment of publishing. I also dive in to what my goals are with the InTakeCreate Podcast. 

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Welcome to the intakecreate podcast. This is a podcast where we explore content creation for content creators and how you can up your game up your creativity. And just enjoy your time online and maybe make some money doing it. 

This is the first episode and really all this is is me hitting the record button and forcing myself to make. And forcing myself to hit the publish button after I get this thrown together.

Getting Over the Fear of Publishing

And see that’s kind of my whole point here. That I want to get over the fear of the publish button. Get over the obsessive planning and instead just start creating. I really think – especially early in the game – that’s where a lot of content creators need help is just getting the ball rolling. Once you roll that ball down the hill things get easier and easier and eventually you’re just, Hitting your notes of content creation and you can iterate a little bit from there you can build an audience, build the community. You can figure out your niche once you start talking about what you’re talking about and what comes naturally to you. 

But none of that can happen without pushing the publish button. And see your first time hitting the publish button whether this is the YouTube video, a blog post, a tick tock, Instagram post, a pin. Pinterest pin a pin pin to Pinterest pin. Whatever it is, the first time you hit publish it might not be amazing it might not be the quality of video that you watch on a regular basis. Maybe you just aren’t there yet but you can’t get there if you don’t publish. 

The the second time you publish it’ll be better than the first time. The third time you publish it’ll be better than the second time. Every single time you go through the process start to finish of having an idea, refining an idea, making the thing, putting the thing out there, and promoting the thing. Every time you go through that process you get better at it it makes more sense you find out what works versus what doesn’t and you can really start heading in the right direction of content creation. 

My Content Creation Background and Inspiration

For me, I have been making content online since I was a kid. Since I was about 10 years old. I wanted to make things online. I’m incredibly privileged to have grown up with the internet pretty much. I’m young enough to have grown up with the internet — there goes half the people listening. 

But I grew up with the internet and I watched as these early early video creators, especially were. Really setting new trends and hitting new heights. Like Red Versus Blue getting popular and eventually becoming a full company behind Rooster Teeth. And then Rooster Teeth starting achievement Hunter and then having all these different arms of content that are making money. Making a difference in people’s lives entertaining people and all the people working on them get to live their dream.

And Rooster Teeth isn’t even the first one’s that I saw doing this I caught wind of a lot of this whole like making money from content thing from places like Machinima or early days watching Wheezy Waiter and Corey Vidal or watching the vlogbrothers start things like vidcon or crash course or when Shay Carl and nice Peter and Casam G and all those folks in that circle started maker studios. 

And Maker Studios started putting out some of the most high quality content on the internet just like full production value shorts short videos and it just incredible and I wanted to do that immediately.

Stop Motion Animation

But I could never figure out what content I wanted to make I started really young actually what I was doing was stop motion with my pro wrestling action figures, I had a digital camera and a laptop and I would just take picture move them a little bit picture move them a little bit do that all through the night I would do this until 3am and then I would throw it all into Windows Movie Maker and just make the photos display for the shortest amount of time that Windows movie maker would let me and eventually I put together a little stop motion things. 

And from there I learned how to pull audio out of YouTube videos and I put wrestling crowd sounds and announcers over the video and put a little credit scroll at the end and I learned how to actually publish to YouTube at that point and obviously I’m not still doing stop-motion. 

I’m not still doing wrestling content. I moved into doing some gaming content for a little while where I was playing things like apex legends, and I didn’t keep up with it. I learned a ton of screen. Recording and just speaking and seeing my own face on screen recording my face learning how to use streamlabs learning how to use OBS all this stuff. 

And I’m not still doing video game content either. For whatever reason I would start all this stuff and then I would just pick something new that I wanted to try. And just recently it sort of dawned on me that the content. I want to make is about content creation. 

Content Creation IS My Interest

Content creation is my biggest interest. And so that brings me here to intakecreate the podcast or the intakecreate podcast. And. I’ve been doing intakecreate as a blog for about two years and I was focusing on creativity and mental health and sort of hovering around there and then just recently I was going to move my web hosting. 

To a different service provider and I actually lost. Everything I lost every single blog post over a hundred of them and I’m left sort of starting from scratch. A little bit. With intake.com. And as I’m trying to like way whether or not I wanted to shift my niche if I wanted to call that away from creativity and I sort of understand now all these small pockets of projects that I keep starting. 

Perfect info and fodder for talking about content creation whether or not I go all in on some wrestling content and try to do a wrestling blog to a million subscribers or whatever. I’m not focused on doing that. I’m not as passionate about wrestling as I am about content creation. 

The InTakeCreate Podcast Moving Forward

So the intakecreate podcast is going to be home for me to talk about content creation talk about tips and what’s working for me projects that I’m trying right now and I want to my macro goal is to create more content creators. I want more people to get excited about making stuff online and as I do. 

Making stuff online and trying to just be creative and be a creator. It moved me so far away from all this negative spaces, you can get in online where Twitter I used to be terrified of Twitter because I thought it was all just vitriol and hate and arguments and just stuff that I didn’t want to be involved in. 

Three months ago, I started using Twitter under my name Anthony McGrigan and just I’ve been having an amazing time. There’s no haters. There’s no people bringing others down if there is you can easily avoid it. If you’re using it properly and I’ve kind of moved myself into a nice bubble of marketing and writing Twitter and content creators and they’re all so supportive and amazing. 

That it makes me so excited to talk to other creators that I know having this macro goal of creating more content creators will be the most fulfilling compass. The most fulfilling North Star for me to kind of base my compass on right now. If I head towards Empowering other content creators. 

Making Content Creation Easier

I will be so passionate and it’ll be so easy to make any content on this topic because I just love talking about it. I love talking about it so much that my voice will crack. But that’s where I’m gonna leave it for right now. I hit the record button. 

I’m gonna – I’m about to hit stop and then I’m gonna hit the publish button that’s the first biggest lesson in being in content creator hit record and hit publish and don’t be afraid of it. Thank you for listening if you want to follow along with any of this you can go to intakecreate.com if you want to follow along with everything that I’m doing you can follow me on Twitter at intake underscore Anthony. 

Thank you and I really look forward to talking to you again soon and I really hope you get started on your own content creation journey, if you do use the hashtag intake create on Twitter or Instagram and let me know what you’re building and what you’re working on. I want to help I want to watch it. 

I want to see I want to read it. I’ll want to listen to it. Love what you’re doing and I think you should do more of it. Thank you for listening. Bye.

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