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Get a Headstart on Next Month's Social Posts

Creating high quality social media content isn’t easy.

Especially for founders and creators with their attention spread in 100 directions.

  • Hiring a full time social media manager is too expensive.
  • AI Tools help, but the content sounds like everyone else.
  • Ghostwriters are great, but often fail to meet the brand’s voice.

The solution is somewhere in the middle.

How It Works

Here’s how we’ll make your social content an easy process.

First, I’ll send you a brief form to fill out with some info about your brand:

  • Niche, Industry or topic
  • Links to past content
  • Links to long form content
  • Brand’s Mission
  • Brand’s History

And I’ll take it from there.

I’ll use your answers, past content, and classic research to build out 50 standalone posts for your pages. (All content will be kept below Twitter’s character count)

Ghostwriting That Makes YOU A Better Writer

You can take the content and paste it right into your scheduling app. But you’d be missing half the value.

The content is meant to be a headstart.

The content will be specific to your brand, in formats that are proven to work. Take it even further by putting your own spin on it and adding insights only you bring to the table.

The benefits of providing a headstart instead of paste-ready content:

  • You and your team get hands on with the creative process without starting from scratch
  • It will give you valuable info to learn what works and doesn’t work on your social channels
  • You’ll be better informed when it’s time to hire a full time SMM

The Goal Isn't More Content for You.

The Goal Is Content That's More You.

Want to get a headstart on your social media content?

Fill out this form and your content will be over to you within the next 10 days.

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