Friday, May 07, 2021
What Does Higher Power Mean
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Finding a Higher Power – The 2nd Step

The Second Step is Finding a Higher Power

How Finding a Higher Power works, without believing in God.

My name is Anthony, and I am a depression addict.

I am on a 12 Step Journey diving deep into my brain’s dependence on my depressive state. The second step of this process is finding a ‘Higher Power’ and this has some nuance to it for myself.

Finding a Higher Power is difficult when I don’t believe in a traditional ‘God’. It comes on different terms, in the form of a clearer understanding.

The very term of ‘Higher Power’ was enough to turn my nose up for a long time. Once I matured beyond my understanding, it started to make m0re sense.

My Higher Power takes form in an acknowledgement of a bigger picture. An awareness to the fact that there are forces beyond our perception or control.

I have explained this as a Throughline of Life that connects all life in one, elastic and expanding embrace.

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