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They say "Build an email list"...
But then what?

Book a consulting call today and get your email marketing started in the right direction (Or get it back on track if it’s gotten left behind).

Start clarifying your brand’s message and deepening the relationship with your customers.

Don’t rely on algorithms and social trends. Focus your brand’s messaging where you own your audience. Your email list.

Email Marketing Consulting - with me

Don't Have An Email List Yet?

Good, that’s even more fun. 

Let’s talk about effective ways you can start building an email list today.

Your email list is valuable. Don’t waste it by sending a flyer every week that nobody opens

Book an email marketing consulting call with me, and we can start crafting an email strategy to bring your audience closer to your brand and your next promotion.

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    Why Should You Focus On Email Marketing?

    As the landscape of social media is continually changing, being able to consistently reach your target audience has gotten harder. Not to mention more expensive.

    More and more, email marketing proves to be the most reliable communication with a customer base or an audience.

    You get a direct feed into their inbox, and it’s up to your subject line and your email to grab their interest.

    You can’t waste that opportunity with a list of sales, or another discount code. Your customer trusted you with their attention and their email. Honor it by building a relationship with them and providing value to them within their inbox.

    Your brand should be focused on email marketing because it is the closest thing you have to direct communication with your customers. 

    You get to put yourself in front of them, as long as they will trust you enough to be in their inbox.

    Let’s work together to make the most of it.

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