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Does Taking Selfies Help Confidence? Or Make It Worse?

Do Instagram Selfies Help My Confidence?

Selfies are an intricate art, and there are levels to the game that I will never understand. Down here at my level, I have to ask – Does taking selfies regularly help my confidence? Or am I doing more damage?

I’ve been self-conscious as long as I can remember. Constantly comparing myself to others, only to find the differences in myself. Living this way, I naturally avoided being in pictures whenever asked.

When the selfie trend took off, I was left behind – too afraid to board the train.

I have since changed my outlook on selfies, especially as I grow in my confidence. Lately, I even try to force myself to take selfies regularly.

Every day, or at least every few days, I have to look at myself and take a picture. Is this practice helping my confidence growth? Or am I hindering my growth as it happens?

Silly Elderly Selfie
This is how I feel taking a selfie some times [Photo by Edu Carvalho from Pexels]

Why We Take The Selfie?

The reason why I am taking the selfie is the most important. My entire process of trying to take more selfies started by just trying to boost my confidence.

I needed to take a good look at myself for the first time ever.

The other obvious reason for my selfies is Instagram. I post there regularly, with quick thoughts, mini blogs, and poetry. These are all notably text – so the easiest content for me to pair with it is a selfie.

I like simple cell phone photography and post that sometimes too, but I like the personal feel of a selfie with a quick mind dump.

The Likes

The effect selfies have on us is solidified whenever we hit the upload button. They are then exposed to someone. That someone gets the option to like it. Each one of those extra button presses we get told about, gives us a boost.

When you start seeking these likes, it’s a slippery slope to deeper levels of gratification. Soon, your view of yourself can be based on the likes your last photo got.

I don’t want more likes for my face, but I want to continue celebrating living a creative life and navigating mental health.

Social Media Feedback
Celebrate yourself. Let others join if they want. [Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels]

Everything Comes Back to Mindfulness

My broken record may keep repeating forever, but when we navigate life we must remain mindful as much as possible. This extends into our online navigation.

When we post a photo publicly, we have to do it mindfully. Know that you should not be chasing likes, but instead, celebrating yourself, creating something, or sharing your story.

Continue to ask yourself and analyze – Does taking selfies help your confidence?

My motto since InTakeCreate’s beginning fits nicely to end this one.


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-Anthony xx
October 2020

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