If You’re Building an Audience, Stop Counting Your Followers

Counting Your Followers Is When Followers Stop Being Followers

Part of the “creator” job is to build an audience.

We try hacks, tips and tricks to grow our following. Many of us with a “goal” in mind, and as that follower count inches towards the goal one question becomes very important.

Are your followers still followers, or are they just numbers?

Moving The Goalposts

Focusing too heavily on the number will start to warp your goals altogether.

When I started focusing on Twitter, my goal was 100 followers.
As soon as I reached that, it became 200. Then 300. Now 500.

These goals can keep us moving forward. Yet, we never feel satisfied because we just move the goalposts each time.

Along the way, each follower just becomes a number you pass by.


Remembering the Individuals

At the beginning, each follower that trickles in brings us so much excitement that counting followers is natural.

They mean more to us, and we see the individual behind the follow.

As I’ve been moving my goal-posts, I stopped forming relationships with the followers. I stopped seeing the individuals.

Behind every single follow, every like, and every subscribe is a human being that legitimately likes the work you put out. Don’t let them just become statistics on your roadmap to success.

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