The Unhealthy Content Creator Hustle – The InTakeCreate Podcast

In this episode, we dive into how you can be a content creator – without falling into the pit of productivity tips and hustle culture.

So many content creators fall into productivity traps. They end up hustling so hard that burn out is inevitable. Even a lot of our favourite creators with incredible audiences have burned out.

In this episode, I want to open the discussion to change this content creator hustle messaging.

I talk about 3 things I do to keep my mental health protected while creating content for an online audience. 

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Over to You

There’s no transcription for this episode as technology decided against it. Hoping to be fixed by the next one – Whoops.

If you want to get involved, I have an experiment for you to try!

For the next week or two, track your process when it comes to content creation. Many of us try to set the perfect schedule, and then the content creator hustle takes over and we just go-go-go until something is done.

Instead of trying to set the schedule, just track how you are treating it naturally.

By doing this, you’ll learn what times in your schedule are a natural fit for administrative tasks – and when you should focus on brainstorming and creativity.

Share your results with us on Twitter, so we can all learn from each other and design a healthy content creator hustle regiment.

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