Friday, May 07, 2021

Congrats, Sis

Being a big brother is an adventure like no other. The responsibilities, the hilarious lifelong antics, the brutal clashes of insults and pitch matching… In all of that, every moment becomes a reminder of this special bond we have. Today was one of the biggest reminders yet. Today my Sister was draped in a borrowed robe, lined up alphabetically, and accepted her College Diploma.

I could easily take this entire blog entry to talk about the amazing work she accomplished in her two years of post-secondary education. But the truth of the matter is that this day was the culmination of a lifelong dedication to perseverance and a better tomorrow. No matter how many times the rug was pulled out from under her; Every time the rules to her game would change; She became a better and stronger woman for it.

The first person in the entire world to ever teach me a thing about self acceptance was my sister. She paved the way for me in delving to your deeper self and expressing it in every act of life. With nay-sayers at every corner, and antagonists at the ready, she walks with her head high.

Throughout her education, I received several texts along the lines of
“That’s it. I’m done.”
“I don’t want to be a student anymore.”
And the eventual acceptance of, “If I wasn’t so close to being done, I’d drop out.”

Yet she poured everything she could into her work and school, even if it took the last fumes of energy in her tank. And for all that effort, she’s now in possession of her most expensive piece of paper. However, more importantly, she can use today and what she accomplished to help hold her head even higher as she dives headfirst into her amazing work.

Now that you get the gist of the magic she has worked for herself, and for me… I get the honour of informing you that her career choice is the demanding field of Human Services. In that role, this girl works her strongest magic. The difference she makes in the lives of those she helps. The lift she gives their spirits. I’m convinced her heart is the same as the Grandmother’s purse in Halloweentown… Infinite space, and she can find a place for anybody.

I hope someday, I get to grow up to be just like my little sister. Congrats, sis.

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