Thursday, April 15, 2021
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The Weight of the Unfinished Draft and Stopping Writer’s Block

Stopping writer’s block is the goal of ever writer, but is it a lost cause? Writer’s block is like a paper weight. An unfinished draft sits dutifully on top of the entire stack of our ideas. Not letting a single idea escape the pile. I write quite a lot about writer’s block, for someone who […]

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Mental Health Pit Stop | The Better Me Project – Episode 10

Apple Podcasts 10 Weeks into this introspective look at self development, and I’ve had surprisingly great results. I’m finally at a healthy point that has stability beneath it, and this episode I look back at my 9 episodes of betterment. presents “The Better Me Project”. Where I dive deep into Mental Health, and Personal […]

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A Framework of Each Other – Reflecting on My Daughter’s First Year of Life

A Framework of Each Other Reflecting on My Daughter’s First Year of Life My daughter turned 1 Year Old this past week, and I have been on an emotional journey of reflection as a result. One whole year with her in my life, and I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. An entire […]

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Abandoned Memories

Abandoned Memories Original Poetry Standing a still artifact. A victim to the matter of fact.These abandoned memories, Overgrown trees reclaim the decay. Tending to open wounds,Shielding from further mourning.  History embedded walls, Secret shrouded shrubbery.Wind whispers quiet stories. Abandoned memories,Within this still artifact.Victims to the matter of fact. Inspiration Go outside, and find something cool. It’s worth it. Anthony McGuigan Instagram […]

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