Thursday, April 15, 2021

About InTakeCreate

Boosting Creativity with Mindfulness is the goal. Writing, expression, and curiosity are the way there.

InTakeCreate is a blog about living a creative life, boosted by Mindfulness. Usually, I refer to this concept as ‘Mindful Creativity’.

Creativity is the reason a lot of people are able to survive their Mental Health struggles. Through the peaks and valleys of life, creativity is typically our only vehicle to explore and express the complex emotions that come with a complex life.

Mindfulness is an actionable set of tools that anybody can apply to their thinking patterns, perspectives, or emotions. In practice, mindfulness is actually the exact same exploration and expression of complex emotions as creativity.

The combination of these two healing antidotes – Creativity and Mindfulness – allows for an infinite wealth of inspiration, knowledge, and fortitude. By combining these practices, we can learn how to live the creative life we have always wanted because we carry mindfulness alongside of it.

About Me.

A Writer and Creator on a Journey for Self Acceptance and Clarity.

Hi, my name is Anthony.

First and foremost I am a devoted Husband, Step-Father, and Father in one of the craziest, love-filled blended families you’d ever meet. That is my forever role.

My creative role is a writer. My life has been shaped, guided, and ultimately saved by my burning passion for writing and learning how to become an effective wordsmith. Like many creatives, the writing was a life-raft throughout the shipwreck that is mental illness.

Finding a passion for writing at a young age saved a lot of my development and understanding from rotting in resentment. I festered a lot of misplaced anger, and fell into dangerous mindsets. These dangerous beliefs formed a protective shield around myself in order to stave off returning trauma.

Yet, I always fell back on writing as that last thread keeping me from unraveling. I wanted to flip my narrative and use my creativity to better myself, instead of further wallow in my directionless pursuits.

This passion for using my creativity to better myself was the slow burning catalyst that helped me start InTakeCreate. A blog about using Mindfulness to life a more fulfilling creative life.

Since then, I have lost and found myself several times, and have restructured my life to encourage creativity. I started a family with my beautiful wife, and her two kids. We have even been fortunate enough to welcome two new children to the family.

A family that brings truth to the statement ‘Happiness is the Best Medicine’. I still continue to battle my mental illnesses every day, but my strength and courage in those fights are forever fueled by a devotion to love, creativity and remaining mindful.

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