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A Brief History of Us
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A Very Special Birthday.

Today is my Wife’s birthday, and I am notoriously disappointing when it comes to giving people Birthday presents. I have this weird habit of overthinking the idea of gift giving. I stress out about it so deeply because I want to hit a home run. The stress makes me procrastinate until I panic shop and miss the mark completely.

So just in case I miss the mark with my gift in real life – the next couple of minutes will be a look back at the beautiful time we have spent together. I have become a completely different person since meeting Amber. She gifted me the tools I needed to become a true version of myself.

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— It Begins —

We got together way back in 2017. Which feels like centuries ago at this point.

Right out of the gate, we had unmatched chemistry and could talk for hours on end. Which was good, because the difficult conversations started early.

We had to have several very deep talks about the paths our lives were on separately. She had 2 kids of her own, which were clearly and permanently the top priority… I was younger than her, and in my last year of College – while simultaneously trying to figure out who I was at heart.

We had to align our paths. We made the decision together to *build* something together, and to change course to make this work for *all of us.*

With a family mindset already in place – It didn’t take long to solidify our bond. (I proposed very quickly, and even did it multiple times because I was anxious and they didn’t *feel* right.)

The waves kept flowing, and we moved into our first family apartment in August of 2017… We scrambled things together (which has become a theme) but the power of *family* outweighed the stress of anything else.

And I was really enjoying this whole parenting gig – I was nervous that I was in over my head in the parenting department. But 3 years later, I can report that this is just the constant state of parenting. — haha but it’s so incredibly rewarding to be a parent, and I felt that immediately.

— Contagious Energy —

From the second we met, there was a ‘contagious energy’ between us. When one starts goofing around, there was no limit to how much laughing and ridiculousness would follow.

On the other side of the coin, if one of us got serious and started a philosophical or existential discussion – there was a chance it could never end… We could talk about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

For the first time in my life, I felt safe to be myself. I even felt safe enough to explore who I was as a person. Something I never allowed myself to do before.

She planted a flower in my life, that allowed me to bloom all around. Her inspiration pushed me to finish my education.

Her unconditional love made every day easier. Every holiday less stressful. Every cloud was granted a silver lining with her helping me build my atmosphere.

— Growth —

Time becomes a blur, and suddenly we are moving into our 2nd family apartment. Our little family was growing incredibly fast.

Not only were we all growing as people – we were growing closer as a family.

Every day, no matter how stressful – was filled from start to finish with love, compassion and empathy.

That energy Amber gives off that allows me to be the truest me – that extended to our kids as well. They each get to be so uniquely themselves. They get to be prideful, and unashamed of the things they like. And it is simply beautiful.

This unbelievable growth did not stop. Our oldest girl started school, our little bruiser came into his own with deep personal interests and a special brilliance within him.

We even got to introduce another bundle of joy into the mix.

— This Year —

So it’s her birthday – and that means it is essentially a celebration of her life and growth in the last year.

2020 Makes this unique, because this year has taken so much out of us. From global scale disasters to our own personal dilemmas – 2020 has been brutal, and has taken a lot of guts and inspiration to make it through.

Thankfully I get to wake up every morning, inspired by you Amber.

Thankfully our beautiful children get to be inspired by you Amber.

Every day I’m amazed at this life we have built together – and I can’t wait to see what we build next.

Happy Birthday Amber.

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