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2020 Is The Year I Get Organized...

and other things I regret saying before the world ended

Goals I had set for 2020, revisited… Yikes.

Creative minds ironically have two ways of looking at New Years. They either denounce the motivations that come with the occassion, or they dive headfirst into those motivations and set themselves up for their biggest creative year yet… Bonus points if you make a chart or a spreadsheet.

Hi, I’m #2 and 2020 was the wrong year to say I was going to get organized… If 2019 was throwing curve balls, 2020 is throwing straight jabs.

Happy New Years

New Years came barreling past us, and my Family and I were looking ahead to a promising year. Our newest addition was growing faster than we could watch, our oldest was cruising through First Grade, and our middle Boy was at a turning point in the attitude department, as well as the potty department. Along with these objectives, I was rapidly changing my mind on the content I wanted to produce on… As well as taking on more projects at work. I was building a Lego tower of goals and responsibilities, waiting for my moment to step back and bask in my brick by brick glory.

Whatever it is that sets the course for the universe, well it played the role of the older Brother, kicking the successful creation to the ground… Whether it’s God, the Sun, the Moon, or the Illuminati… It had different plans for 2020. A reset button got hit on my life. Whether that is a metaphor, or a link to the world on a wider scale, it changed my life and how I view myself. I may have hit rock bottom, but I hit the ground running and my focus has been inching back closer to those goals that floated around my mind in December and January.

1. Write. Every Day

I love writing. In any form. It has always been a ginormous part of my life, and at times my only shred of identity. I’ve wavered in and out of poetry for years, wrote a terrible short novel about a religious cannibal cult, and even tried to write a children’s book when I was in 4th Grade… I’m always trying to write, but more often than not it turns into me just thinking, and those thoughts get lost after a while. I need to be better about writing things down. When I get an idea, I have to note it. Right away, just get the idea down so it can be expanded later.

Once a day, I need to force myself to write something. Even if just a word, a phrase, a brain fart, a curious ponder… Even the dreaded cliche writing prompts. I have to sit in front of some paper, open my Evernotes, Go into my Google Docs… Anything. As long as I’m putting words down because that is the hard part. The easy part is stretching, and twisting your malleable ideas into various shapes. Taking your initial point, and conveying it in different ways and exploring what your words mean.

2. More One on One Time With the Kids

One unexpected positive out of 2020 has been the extra time I’ve gotten with my family, and especially my Children. If somehow you missed the news (I’ve been screaming it to the world every single day) we added one more hooligan to our family last August. With a third baby, the one on one focus time becomes harder to come by. Harder to come by, yet more important than ever. We recognized this, and certainly tried to make a point to create those time blocks for each kid.

And as all stories from 2020 will go – “… And then Covid happened.” The world slowed to a crawl, schools closed, daycares closed, communities closed, and I shifted to work from home. (Oh and ‘home’ moved locations as well). All of a sudden we went from trying to squeeze in alone time around all of the family and school time, to it being “Family Time” All the Time. Our family grew leaps and bounds in this time together.

Our oldest was clearly having a difficult time adjusting to not having school, right after hitting her stride in First Grade. In the middle, our boy had so much energy built up it was coming out in every single fashion possible. Right behind them, our little bean was sprouting quickly and could not understand why she couldn’t just stand up and run in circles with her brother and sister. There was a lot of growth happening in our little ecosystem, and outside you could smell fertilizer in the air and in the News.

I am so proud of our oldest for how she handled everything, keeping a place in her heart for knowledge and learning. All while dealing with such adult nervousness and her lofty First Grade dreams torn away. I am so proud of our boy (my little Bruiserweight) for crossing that daunting potty training line. The time was right in his mind, and he made the switch. Out of diapers, and into big kid underwear with very few accidents so far. We still hang onto the Pull Ups for night time, just to catch those night time go’s he doesn’t even wake up for. Finally, I am so proud of our newest bean for every new noise she makes, new direction she crawls, new food she eats. This girl is conquering the world, and she has the best family behind her. 

3. Get Organized

How hard can it be to get organized? I have tasks and projects I want to do, and they can go in some kind of list and I can do them… Right? I’ve got a nice litte Trello board to keep track of things. Then the ideas start coming, and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming… And they prioritize differently, with my priority differing from day to day. Things get messy, and that Trello board turns into a Trello board, and a spreadsheet, and some sticky notes, and some Google Docs… Woah, I had to slow myself down because, well, none of that resulted in more posts.

I have a habit in life to take on as much as physically possible, and then some more. This trait shows it’s teeth in my professional life the most, and has now crept to my creative side more noticeably. Projects align with daily duties, and pop up tasks, and new endeavors. I set myself up for failure by not being organized enough. I started keeping a day book, but that wasn’t turning out to be as useful as I thought. I was leaving things out, forgetting the book on my desk, skipping days when I got busy… “…And then the Covid happened.” and I lost any semblance of organization I thought I had built.

I have semi-landed on my feet at this point, and have moved my organization at work to a tiered system of tasks, ideas and projects.. While keeping my InTakeCreate organization simple for my own sake. Monday – Friday schedules, designed with task templates, are easy for planning. Drop in a link to an Evernote document, and make some to dos and notes. Simple, organized, and hopefully maintainable this time…

Goals Moving Forward

Looking back at Goals from January put a few things in perspective. My personal growth, my families growth, and the world events of the year. These simple goals were what I was hoping to get from the world a mere 6 Months ago, and I’m not even asking the same world anymore… Finding the motivation to look at myself, a spec in the spectrum of happening across the globe, and set a personal goal… That is a difficult ask right now.

What I want moving forward is to be an amplifier of hope. I want to teach my children what kindness, caring, and creativity can bring to this world. I want to use my words, and my creativity to carve an outlet to inspire creative movement. I want to view myself in a positive light, and shed myself of the weight that holds me back. I have the confidence in me for incredible growth. I have the passion in me for incredible expression. I have the power in me for incredible work, and it is time to channel that.


Powerful people in my life have taught me time and again, the power of a second chance. The world needs a second chance, a refresh. The least I can do is help spread a positive message. 

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